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Paella night!

What a feast!!! We were celebrating our friend's birthday over the weekend of July 4, and made this delicious meal for about 25 people. We had a huge Paella pan with a freestanding heating element for outdoors, and cooked the night away in our friends' garage. How's that for true Americana!!

Our Paella had all the fixins....chicken, chorizo, onions, scallops, shrimp, clams, peas, tomato. You name it, we had it in there! We drank some fun wines, of course....some bright, fresh-tasting, high acid Rosés (or Rosados, if you're in the Spanish mode), bold and fruity Tempranillos and even some mighty fine Pinot Noirs....all great food wines and particularly food-friendly with a dish as diverse as Paella.

Hope you all enjoyed your July 4th holiday with some good drink and grub!


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